Our Quran Learning Courses

Basic Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a foundational book used to learn how to read the Quran with proper pronunciation and Tajweed rules. It’s particularly useful for beginners, as it provides a step-by-step guide to learning the Arabic alphabet .

Reading Quran

Learning Quranic reading is not just a linguistic pursuit; it’s a profound spiritual and intellectual journey. Learning to read the Quran is not only about deciphering Arabic letters but also about connecting its verses.

Tajweed Ul Quran

The importance of learning Tajweed, the set of rules governing the proper pronunciation of Quranic Arabic, goes beyond mere linguistic precision. Tajweed is the key to preserving the sanctity of the Quran’s recitation.

Translation & Tafseer

Learning the translation not only facilitates a broader audience to connect with the universal messages of the Quran but also promotes intercultural understanding and harmony.


Memorizing the Quran holds profound significance, transcending the realms of religious practice into a holistic journey of spiritual and intellectual growth. Beyond the devotion to one’s faith, Quranic memorization.


Embracing the study of Hadith, the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is paramount for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings.

Namaz & Kalimas

Learning Namaz, the ritualistic prayers in Islam, is not just a religious duty but a profound and transformative practice. It serves as a direct line of communication between the believer and the Divine.

Islamic History

Delving into Islamic history is akin to navigating a vast reservoir of lessons, shaping not just an understanding of the past, but also influencing the present and future. It serves as a compass.

Arabic Language

Learning both Arabic and Urdu languages presents a unique opportunity to delve into the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Islamic world. Arabic is the language of the Quran holds immense.

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